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Australian Silky Terriers can be involved in many different activities. Including Obedience and Agility.  Here is the making of History with an Australian Silky Terrier called Eddy. 


History Has Been Created

Congratulations Eddy on gaining your AD and JD titles in September and October 2005.

We are very proud of Eddy's achievements as he is the first Australian Silky Terrier in Australia to gain both Agility and Jumping titles, a mark in history!

Born on Christmas Eve 2001 (a very special gift from Santa), we bought Eddy from Jansilk Kennels, his little personality outshone the rest of the litter as he chose us, he knew that the cardboard box we had to collect our new pup in and a woolly in hand was going to be his and therefore made a bee line for that box on the floor and would not let go of that woolly! Needless to say, we were hooked and off we went with our new pup - Eddy.

Eddy is now almost four and I have been training Eddy in Agility for about a year and a half and seriously trialling since the start of this year. Being a terrier and having a nose that has a mind of its own, it has certainly been a challenge training Eddy and at times somewhat frustrating. At his first few trials in agility he would run off at the starting line or mid course to have a good old sniff. Fortunately, Eddy and I enjoy agility so much that we persevered and now all our hard work is finally paying off, and proving to be utterly rewarding.

Eddy received his first two passes in Novice Agility at the Dalmatian Dog Club trial at Warringal on 13 August and then just a few weeks later he gained his final pass and was titled AD at Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club on 10 September, a very exciting day in deed and one which I will never forget. In between those trials he had obtained two passes in Novice Jumping, one at Croydon and the other at Southern Obedience Dog Club and received his third and final pass to gain his JD title at Knox Obedience Dog Club on 1 October.

Eddy is the first dog I have ever trained, he is such a lovely natured dog and a great companion, he is a credit to our wonderful breed, the Australian Silky Terrier.

Owned and Loved by: Jenny Elliott and Gerard O'Toole

Handled by: Jenny Elliott

Bred by: Jan Cooke Jansilk Kennel


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Secretary Jan Cooke 9850 1495