Puppy Enquiries

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Before considering a puppy please read "Are you Ready for  a Dog" and research the breed that you are considering further.

The club holds a database of available puppies for referral of potentional pet owners. The price of a Pedigree Australian Silky Terrrier puppy is usually between $2000 - $2500  plus any transporation costs if required (Victoria - Australia)

Please also be aware that there are a number of scams on the internet at the moment. Only buy from a registered Australian Breeder via DOGZONLINE. There are a number of adds around for many toy dogs for free just pay transport etc.  If someone is charging less than $1000 in Australia usually there is something very wrong or it is a scam unless they are a registered breeder as seen on Dogzonline. So please beware.


For club puppy enquiries please contact:


Mrs Jan Cooke

Email : [email protected]








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Secretary Jan Cooke 9850 1495