Patroness:                               Mrs Marilyn Warren


President:                                Mr James Camac


Vice President:                        Miss Ann Maree Burrell


Secretary:                                Mrs Marilyn Warren

                                                Ph:                               03 9748 6753

                                                Email:                        [email protected]


Treasurer:                               Mr Paul Zechovsky



                                                Mrs Anky Berry

                                                Ms Colleen Treacy

                                                Mrs Lois Wilkinson

                                                Mr Mick Wilkinson

                                                Kira Wilkinson

                                                Cathy Zechovsky

                                                Mrs Julie Church

                                                MIss Janelle Waddington



Honary Members:                   Mrs Florence Males (USA)
    Mr David Mosdale (USA)


Financial Year:                        1st January – 31st December


Membership:                           Joining Fee                  $ 5

                                                Annual Fee                  $15

                                                Dual Membership       $25

                                                Child U/16                   $ 5

Advertising:                             Full page per edition   $ 5

                                                Hall page per edition  $ 2.50


*** Articles and submission are not to be re-printed without the permission of the club in writing.


Meetings held periodically during the year and notice of such meeting will be sent by post, email fax and newsletter.

Contact Details

Secretary Jan Cooke 9850 1494